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Our Firm

As an organization, you deserve  to have the best candidates in the marketplace, and you should not have to spend an inordinate amount of time finding them. Time is money, and we save our clients both. 

The people you want are most likely currently employed elsewhere.  Biter & Associates’ extensive networking process identifies the resources that will best suit your needs. We also ensure that your opportunity falls in line with a candidate's career goals.


And because we've eliminated the corporate culture and bottom-line focus so prevalent in the recruiting industry, we not only bring you the results you need, but we do it in a personal, yet professional manner that will leave you pleasantly surprised.


Our services are backed by years of experience and a reputation for excellence in recruiting highly talented professionals. Our consulting and research staff is highly proficient and experienced in the executive search and recruiting business. We maintain the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.


We understand the needs of our clients and we recognize what makes a successful candidate. Through our daily interaction with key players within our industries, we are able to locate, screen and recommend exceptional candidates.

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